The Course


A welcoming opening hole with few hazards. A nice straight drive will leave only a medium to short iron in.

Pro’s Comments:- Beware¬†of the Out of Bounds at the rear of this shallow green !






After the welcoming first hole the second presents a far stiffer challenge to all. A long straight drive avoiding all hazards will leave a medium to long iron to a green that is well guarded by yet more hazards.

Pro’s Comments:- A risk / reward hole very early in your round, what option will you take ? That may depend if your warmed up on the range before your round !





A definite birdie chance from the yellow tees, a good drive will leave only a short approach. The white tee provides a far different challenge. The option to go direct at the green has gone, your drive must be played to the left and will leave a medium to short iron in from a sloping lie.

Pro’s Comments:- Focus is required when playing your approach shot, not only a sloping lie but the wind is a real factor as large trees surround and protect the green.






A long Par 3 where accuracy is the key.

Pro’s Comments:- Three is always a great score here. Obvious trouble to the right, bale out to the left and a tough recovery awaits.






A straight Par 4 with a generous fairway. For the big hitters a Lateral Water Hazard lies 50 yards short of the green.

Pro’s Comments:- Hitting the fairway is key here. The approach shot to a raised green will be far easier to control from the short stuff.






A slight dog-leg Par 4 with dilemmas all the way. The drive is protected by a Lateral Water Hazard so a drive with maximum carry is needed. Water avoided, the second shot is played to a large well protected green.

Pro’s Comments:- Proceed with care ! A lay up is required to be up the left hand side to avoid the large tree that protects the right side on approach shot.





Another real birdie chance, a solid hit from the tee may result in an eagle putt.

Pro’s Comments:- Easy to get too close and leave a tricky approach, lay up and leave your favourite yardage to a firm green.






The second Par 3 may be short in distance but the green is tricky to find. Always check where the wind is when playing this hole.

Pro’s Comment:- Middle of the green is always a great play here, as above – check the wind !






A tough Par 4 because of its length. Two well struck shots required to find this green in regulation.

Pro’s Comments:- Focus on your target from the tee and trust your swing, hazards avoided the second shot generally plays longer than the yardage suggests.





10HOLE 10

A tough start to the back nine where position off your drive is all important.

Pro’s Comments:- A tough tee shot. To gain a view of the green a drive finishing on the left side is needed, too far left and Out of Bounds awaits !





11HOLE 11

A short Par four but beware the driver. Water lies on the right and is reachable by all.

Pro’s Comments:- Very reachable but accuracy is the key, short of green rather than long is advisable.





12HOLE 12

A chance for birdie on a short Par four, accuracy off the tee all important.

Pro’s Comments:- Wide open fairway encourages you to open your shoulders from the tee, approach shot is always easier from the fairway so keep your concentration on the tee box.





13HOLE 13

The only Par five on the course, very straight tee to green. Out of Bounds all the way on the right hand side.

Pro’s Comments:- Accuracy is vital. Water left, Out of Bounds right, Fairway down the middle. Which will you focus on ?





14HOLE 14

A driveable Par four if you take on the dog-leg that is well protected by trees.

Pro’s Comments:- Difficult to find the putting surface in one as the green is surrounded by bunkers. If your sand play isnt up to scratch, a tee shot to the left side of fairway is best.





15HOLE 15

Another short Par four, plays more than the yardage suggests as is played uphill.

Pro’s Comments:- Another great birdie chance as the green is driveable. Proceed with care though, trouble to the left and a bunker guarding the right side.





16HOLE 16

Water guards the green on this short Par three and take note of the pin position.

Pro’s Comments:- Dont be tempted to take one more club to ensure landing on dry land, you may go long. Middle of the green is always a great result.





17HOLE 17

A very tough dog-leg Par four. Out of Bounds to the left lies in wait for those attempting to cut the corner. A long iron to the corner of the dog-leg will leave another long/medium iron to the long narrow green.

Pro’s Comments:- When the ground is firm, the two long iron option is advisable as you will struggle to hold the fairway from a tee shot cutting the corner. A tough hole that demands respect.




18HOLE 18

A strong Par three finish to your round. A long/medium iron is needed into this well guarded green.

Pro’s Comments:- A great finishing hole. The prevailing wind is into and from the left which pushes you toward the Out of Bounds. Aim at the left side of the green and trust your swing.